OMG! Why WhatsApp Co-Founder wants us to Delete our Facebook Accounts ?

Why WhatsApp Co-Founder wants us to Delete our Facebook Accounts

This morning has turned into a shocking morning for the technology and internet platforms, The two major platforms of online and communication mode is standing in front of each other as a competitors. It is really shocking that 2 have parted away their ways aggressively.

Yes, we are talking about the two online sources without which our lives can become incomplete even our personal and professional lives are dependent on them and those two platform are not other than facebook and whatsapp.


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Zcash Introduces Zero-Knowledge Proof Feature in Blockchain Technology to Hide the Records

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The trend of cryptocurrency is still going on at a high level, cryptocurrency is weaving its magic and experts have declared that this will be the best digital payment in the future and it is going to rule the digital market. Basically, a cryptocurrency is a digital asset which is designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Bitcoin has given the form to cryptocurrency it plays a big role and it is a first cryptocurrency of the world, which was created by the Satoshi Nakamoto, the identity of it is still not revealed still there is a confusion that it is created by an individual or a group of people. It was launched in 2009 which is based on the best blockchain technology. It is open source. (more…)

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Happy Republic Day – 26 January 2018

Indian Republic Day

January 26 Every year is celebrated as Republic Day on January 26, 1950. That day, the Constitution was applied in India and supported the legislation of the India Act. Along with this, there is a national holiday and to celebrate this day with a celebration of happiness and beauty. It declares India a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavours to promote among the fraternity.


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List of Top 9 Active ICO in United State Active ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Its amazing at present time that offering your own cryptocurrency development and Ethereum cryptocurrency globally via Blockchain Service network, Peer to Peer Network connection with help of Smart Contract.

Active ICO in United State

What Is Active ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

In the USA,  An ICO service is a look at the team behind it and what kind of experience they have that understand what the coin is meant of accomplishing. It is a similar concept to IPO (Initial Public Offering). If you give the ICO bitcoin and Ethereum and you get some new coins.

It usually creates a plan on whitepaper ICO, What type of money you have accepted, how much of the virtual token, crowdfunding and also to exchange crypto token against to cryptocurrencies. ICO is often used to fund the development of cryptocurrencies. (more…)

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