Colorful Holi 2017

Happy Colorful Holi

Holi is the colorful festival of Hindus and this falls in spring season. It is also known as the “festival of colours” and this indicates the victory of good over the evil. The wonderful festival which is the commencement of spring, the ending of winter season and some people also opt for meeting their near and dear ones, repair the broken relations too.

The wonderful festival is also celebrated as the thanksgiving for good harvest beginning. This day is being celebrated for 2 consecutive days. The first day is considered as the Holika Dahan and also termed as the Chhoti Holi, the second one is the Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, Dhulivandan.

How to Celebrate Holi ?

Holi is also one of the ancient religious festivals which is highly-favored among the people. Holi is also being celebrated at the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). The festival date is always decided as per the Hindu calendar and this also differs from year to year as per the Gregorian calendar, mostly coming in the March month. In the recent years, this festival has also spread among the parts of Europe and also in North America as the spring celebration of the love, colours and frolic.

The Holi celebrations begin at the night before Holi through the Holika bonfire and it the moment when people perform some religious rituals and gather for the celebration. They also pray that the evil which lies in them must get destroyed as the bonfire begins. The next day is being celebrated as the Rangwali Holi- the most beautiful colourful festival where the numerous people love to play, chase and then also colour each other through the dry powder and then the water too. This marvelous festival is being played in the open streets and people enjoy colouring each other on this beautiful festival too. The different groups can be seen carrying drums with them and also the musical instruments too and they opt from going places to places. People go for visiting their family, friends, relatives. People also enjoy the yummy food, Holi delicacies is also enjoyed to a lot of extent. Even the customary drinks are being taken by people like the bhang also.

Holi Poem :-

Gulal – Red, Yellow, Green and countless.
A day’s canvas – a riot of colors.
Lively crowd running thither and hither,
colors of Rainbow, dashing from every nook & corner.
Disregarding their woe & despair fervent folks,
rejoicing at the wonder of colors.
A day full with gaiety and luster,
a day to smear our dreams
with a splash of vibrant frenzy colors.
Holi Hai!! A spring of limitless frolic & fun!!

So, on this colourful festival BR Softech wishes you a very happy holi. Enjoy to the core and celebrate with great happiness.


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