15 August – Happy Independence Day

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Independence day is praised every year on 15th of August in India honoring the country’s freedom from the British realm on the 15th of August 1947. India achieved freedom following on the Independence movement which is well-known peaceful resistance and civil disobedience drove by the Indian National congress (INC). Independence coexisted with the partition of India, in which British Indian Empire was isolated crosswise over religious lines into the Dominions of India and the Pakistan, the separation was trailed by the vicious riots and the mass casualties, and the displacement of around 15 million individuals because of sectarian brutality.

History Behind Independence Day :

History Behind Independence Day :

On the fifteenth of august 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who became the first Prime Minister of India, on that day, raised the Indian national flag over the Lahori gate at the Red Fort in Delhi. On all the progressive Independence day, the prime minister has lifted the national flag and conveys the speech.

This holiday and its celebration is watched allover in India with flag-hoisting ceremonies, social occasions and the parades. Indians praise this celebration by showing the national flag on their outfits, on their accessories, and their homes as well. On this day, energetic melodies are played, and individuals dedicate their opportunity to watch patriotic movies. On this day, family and companions join for commending this day deeply and getting a charge out of autonomy. Different books and the movies highlight the freedom and the partition in their narrative.

There are different pioneers whose part is noteworthy for freedom, similar to Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose. So these individuals must be expressed gratitude toward for giving this freedom. The genuine importance of freedom day is “not to rely upon others.”

Independence Day Speech :

Independence day is one of the 3 national occasions in India (the other two are Republic day, 26th January and the Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on the second of October). This freedom day is seen in every one of the states of India and furthermore the union domains. On the night of the Independence day, President of India gives the speech “Address to the nation”. Consistently on fifteenth of August, the prime minister hoists the Indian flag on the bulwarks of the verifiable site Red Fort in Delhi. Twenty-one gun shots are fired in salute of the solemn occasion. In his speech, the prime minister of India features the accomplishments of the previous year, raises the imperative issues and examines about the further improvement of the country in all field. He additionally pays tribute to the pioneers of the Indian Independence movement.

The Indian national song of devotion, “Jana Gana Mana” is sung on this day. The speech is trailed by the march past, and after the flag raising ceremony, different parades and the expos feature the scenes from the independence struggle and India’s various cultural traditions. Similar sort of events happens in the state capitals likewise where the chief ministers of individual states spreads unfurls the national flag.

Wishes of Independence Day :

BR Softech wishes every Indian citizen, a very happy Independence day. This day is celebrated by committing to patriotism tremendously. Individuals tune in to patriotic songs, watch patriotic movies. Flags are being hoisted at different spots all around the nation.

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