Introduction to Codeigniter Framework

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CodeIgniter is a web application development framework written in PHP. It is use to build dynamic web applications in PHP. It is open source and light weighted framework. It supports developer to develop project in less time than using scratch and other frameworks because of its light weight. It comes with inbuilt rich set of libraries and templates for most used general tasks. It has easy logical structure and simple interface to use these libraries. It decrease the volume of code used, thus user can creatively concentrate more on project.

CodeIgniter is based on the well known Model-View-Controller (MVC) development prototype. In CodeIgniter model classes are optional and view & controller classes are a compulsory part of development.  In CodeIgniter model represents data that includes database information i.e. insert, fetch, data logic etc. View is the information of a web page that a user can access. Controller is a file name of a class that is linked with URL and load by CodeIgniter after the execution.

The advantages and disadvantages of CodeIgniter are as follows:


  • Code Igniter is Lightweight and extensive framework, executes huge code quickly
  • It is very easy to understand, arrange and implement.
  • In Code Igniter, data migration is hassle free and simple from one server hosting to another server hosting.
  • Customization of Code Igniter is very simple and new functionality can be integrated without customize all.
  • It is MVC based framework, provides flexible and easy management.
  • It provides dynamic Implementation of Records that is easy to remember
  • It has inbuilt large collection of inter related libraries.
  • Its user guide comes with superb documentation that makes easy to use the framework.
  • It allows users to develop core libraries for the system as well as it comes with its own predefined scripts.


  • It is written in PHP, it is not useful for applications that are developed in other language.
  • It is not object oriented in some parts.
  • It is company driven framework that causes limited usage.
  • Code Igniter Framework has no in-built ORM so it may install from other vendors.

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