How to Choose Best Mobile Game Development Company in India ? Mobile games are assets for every mobile game development company. Offering them as marketing platforms is a clever way to gain additional revenue.

How to Choose Best Mobile Game Development Company in India ?

BR Softech a top-notch game development company in India that provides services for the field of web and mobile game development. It has the best team of game developers and also game designers and they add the best game development technologies. It has successfully developed different kinds of games for the clients around the world and this game is being established with the realistic modules too and also with the best visual effects, artificial intelligence and also the optimum security takes this particular game to the next level for the game lovers around the globe.


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Top Blackjack Game Development Company India Blackjack Game is is widely popular and is played 'n' number of times as a casino game in the world.

Blackjack Game Development Company

To bring the game experience that will be wonderful for online players, BR Softech has the staunch team of the qualified, talented and young workforce for the Blackjack game development. The quality game programmers workforce of BR Softech enables the high enthusiasm of game architects that turns your business idea into game business which could attract high-end revenue.


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How to develop a game like Pokemon Go ? Pokemon is one of the best in class game to be considered and is also the game which is also the best in class game to be considered for sure!

The app which is the Pokemon Go is also the multi platform game and is also for the ios and Android and is also the Augmented Reality too. The players which make use of the class apart smartphone and other kinds of mobile device which is also equipped with the GPS too. And this should also “look for” and also “catch” the small virtual monsters Pokemon in real world too. Then you can also teach them for organizing the battles among themselves only.


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How to Develop Augmented Reality App ? It becomes so interesting if you know how to develop an augmented reality app and build new features for the compatibility of all the operating systems

Know About Augmented Reality App Development

The craze for the Pokemon go and other augmented video game is still alive. Many people in this world are wishing for more new games. Now with the help of some guidance a non technical guy can also be a game developer. Some companies are in need of game developers as these games are moving viral in the on-line market. A non technical can also develop technical techniques. Isn’t it interesting? (more…)

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Top 10 Best Android and iOS Mobile Games 2017 The app store is again flooded by the most amazing played mobile games and this time none of the game will spare you. All the additional features are beyond imagination.

Top 10 Best Android and iOS Mobile Games 2017

There is a good news for all the mobile game players that developers have added the top most games on the app store. It’s just you need to download it all for a fee and start playing. These games have come up with additional promos and features that were never experienced in any of the previous games ever. The competition started so better to get enroll today itself and start playing your most favorite game.

Top 10 listed mobile games:

#1 Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Game Development

The most awaited game has come so clear to the users with its 3D effects in the app store. Pokemon is the most likely character used for the gaming purpose. BR Softech has developed a Pokemon game which depends uses the navigation system to be played. Now Pokemon wherever goes can be discovered easily. This game has gained a good quantity of revenue for our company and this game uses all the GPS system features to be played.

#2 Super Mario Run

Super Mario Game Development

Super Mario Run has released over Android users now. So now every user can play this game online and get a beautiful experience to reach the castle and across all the stages as well as our developers have added some more interesting music to the game so that you can enjoy the music with the game. Now the speed of mario is also increased and you can get different kinds of  stages for Mario to be crossed and reach the destination and host the flag.

#3  Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex Go Game Development

The most interesting part of this game is that now the game is supporting the format of Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. The game has evolved some puzzle modes to make it more tricky. Now you can win your battle by avoiding the obstacles and playing on the board game online. The game consists of the story which is totally enclosed with a puzzling mode and allows you to win only if all the puzzles are well formed and in every puzzle you have difficulties.

#4 Color Switch

Color Switch Game Development

This game is the most played game of 2017. The game is basically all about the colors. There is a 2D color light effect in which you have to choose the color which doesn’t belong to you. Player has to choose the ball colors which makes a combination and during playing the game player can also add the stars to buy some more balls. The more the balls are, the more is the probability of playing. The Game is very beautiful. Give it a try.


This is the top most multi player game of 2017. In this a worm is competing for its food with other worms.In short player can collect the plates or eat it from other players. It is Similar Game Like Pokemon Go. If 2 persons are playing the game then one player will eat all the pellets from the second player worm. The main aim of this game is to build a long snake that you can ever create in this game. Whosoever makes longest snakes will win the game.

#6 Mini Metro

This game is all about the connections.A player  will be allowed to connect to a second player and as per his demands he will build a track which will connect the stations. The stations will be connected through railroads simply by drawing the lines. This is a new way to connect the metro station online. You can also know about many stations which will be portrayed on the map and according to the map you can build the longest railway track with the help of passengers.

#7 Crashlands

Crashlands Game Development

This game is already in the demand of Android users. The game is all about the creation of the alien planet. You will have a trucker who will destroy the alien planet and player needs to save the planet through many items and plots. The player should be capable enough to fight with the trucker who wants to destroy the planet. In short you are the savior of the planet and save your planet by the items you have collected and use them wisely.

#8 Clash Royale

Clash Royale Game Development

At the beginning of the game player will be given 4 cards which are used for the purpose of defending or attacking the opponent. The victory can be achieved if you have destroyed all the towers of your opponent or you have destroyed the king tower of your opponent. You can collect more things from the jungle arena and increase your lifetime. Keep you alive till all the towers are destroyed by your opponent.

#9 Deer Hunter 2017

DEER HUNTER Game Development

This game was initially played only on the windows platform, but now it can be played on all the operation software. In this game you have hunt for many animals  defines your score. All this can be done by killing the animals in the hunter style. The more the animals are killed the more you increase your probability to win. Hunt for the deer in the thick forest and find your destination.

#10 Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider Game Development

This game is filled with all the racing options. You can have a motorbike of the racing purpose and 26 options are available for the motorbike. You can simply choose the best option for your bike and ride the bike. The player who reaches the destination first will be awarded and termed as the winner. There will be lots of obstacle d but you have to overcome it with your biking skills.

Closing thoughts:

Playing games online is a fun. You can beat your opponents in various forms. If you want to take revenge from someone, then invite for the online game. Beat them and feel happy. This is a very good time pass and it is a very good mood freshing. Hire Game Developer and raise your business. This can give you a lot of happiness and for mobile game addiction this is a very good option to get more enrolled in games. Download it soon.

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