Top 34 Techniques to Get First 100,000 Downloads For Your App According to the current insights, there are more than 1.4 million applications on Apple’s App Store and about 1.5 million on Google Play store.

Techniques to Get First 100,000 Downloads For Your App

The competition in the app market is wild. In such circumstance, it is getting harder and harder to get the initial traction for applications.

At BR Softech, which is an iOS and Android app development company, we help first time entrepreneurs with complete focus to help them launch their apps. So as a trusted service provider to our existing and future clients out there, we decided to go out and list every strategy that is published out there, which encourages apps to get the initial push. This blog post lists all of them. We will first start with basic stuff like ASO which is completely in your control and after that proceed on to social strategies you can use to promote your application.

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ASO (App Store Optimization) Implementation

ASO (App Store Optimization) Implementation

One of the main ways to reach your application is via the search feature of the App Store. ASO, which stands for App Store Optimization, is a set of basic rules you should follow to get your application to show up in the App Store search for the keywords related to your app.

How to Get 100,000 Downloads After Launching an App ?

#1. Title is the key

app's title

Your app’s title is one of the most crucial ranking factors for the App Store search engine. Putting some efforts to get an optimized title won’t go in vain. Make sure that you include a couple of most precise category keywords in your app’s title. However, make sure that the keywords fit naturally in the title, otherwise, it will look inappropriate.

#2. Keywords research is essential

Keywords are another critical criteria on which your App Store’s ranking depends. Give enough attention while choosing right keywords for your app. One of the best and easy ways to find out potential keywords is to check which keywords your competitors are using. Also, it is important that keyword selection is not a one time process.

#3. Clear and concise app description helps a lot

Though it is not as important as title or keywords optimization but your app’s description keeps your application store page’s bounce rate low. It is a very dominant criterion that whether the user will download your app or not after finding it. Write a brief and easy-to-understand description to make sure that your app’s purpose is understandable by the user.

#4. App ratings and reviews matter a lot

Ratings and reviews lay a huge impact on your app’s ranking in the search results. Here is one good tip that you should always integrate into your app to get more positive ratings and reviews. You should encourage the users to rate your application. However, don’t force them about this. Give a gentle pop up that doesn’t look spammy to the user after his few positive interactions with your app.

#5. Work on resolving negative reviews

Keep in mind that a happy customer acts as a brand ambassador for your app. Connect with the users who have posted negative reviews about your application. Resolve their issues. Let them know that their problems will be resolved in an upcoming update. Convert the users with bad experience into advocates of your app. Additionally, during this process, you will learn a lot about your customer’s perspective about your app.

#6. Localizations can get you more downloads

Localizations can get you more downloads

There are a lot of non-English speaking nations in the world. People there prefer to use apps in their local language or regional dialect. Multiple studies have demonstrated that if you localize your app to languages other than just English or your mother tongue, it can increase the downloads of your app in a noticeable manner.

#7. App screen shots should highlight the main features of your app

A picture is worth a thousand words”. Almost always when a user lands on your app page the first thing he does is to check out the screenshots of your app. This is a very good chance to convert a ‘user’ into your ‘customer’, by highlighting the best features of your app.

#8. Freemium policy can be a gold mine for many types of apps

The most challenging thing for most of the paid apps is to get more downloads. Well, it’s a sure thing that nobody is going to pay for something they have not even tried yet. Either provide a free demo to users that will work for a limited period of time or will be limited to certain functions. In this way, if users like the demo then there are chances that they will purchase your app too. Alternatively, make your app completely free to download and add in-app purchase options.

#9. Keep changing the price of your app

Never stuck with a fixed price. Keep playing with your app prices by increasing them as well as lower them down sometimes. Occasionally, offer some discounts during special promotion times to attract more users. Make sure that you know how others are pricing their apps and then price your app accordingly.

#10. Pinterest is a major game-changer

Pinterest is a major game-changer

Create some relevant boards on Pinterest for your app’s category. Start with creating at least 8-10 boards and add 5 relevant pins in each one. Put the keywords and descriptions which are related to your app.

Also, create a board where you can pin links to other people who are talking about your application. Another board that includes app’s reviews, blog posts, demos, photos, videos, and anything else that reflects other people’s opinion about your app. Finally, don’t forget to add watermarks to your images and use your application’s link in pin’s description.

#11. You should have a compelling App Preview

Create a compelling App Preview for your app - taxi apps

An app preview is something that tells users what the app is all about. Both App Store and Google Play Store has the option that allows you to upload a preview video for your app. Use this opportunity that will surely make a difference. The app preview makes it possible to convert those customers who have not downloaded your app just by looking at your app’s screen shots.

#12. Explain your app’s concept using a video

Create a video for your app that describes everything about it in a professional way. Be creative while making it like stay humble, add funny punches to it, and keep it short and simple. This video will help you to connect with your users.

#13. A six-second how-to videos series is always beneficial

Make short Vines that your potential customers will find useful. The #how to hash tag is one of the top trending tags on Vine so use it effectively.

#14. Localization of the Google Play store videos

Google play store allows you to upload one video per language. This improves the chances of your app getting downloaded by those who don’t speak English or can’t understand it. You don’t have to put many efforts in doing this, if you can’t translate the videos to other languages, you can simply use YouTube’s transcript feature. Google Play will use the transcript according to the user’s language setting.

#15. Use your app’s video on your app’s website

Posting videos has turned out to be the best way so far to explain how your app works. Embed the video above the fold near the “Download from App Store” buttons on your app’s landing page. Use a custom thumbnail with your video which will attract your visitors to play the video. Putting the play button right at the center of the thumbnail gives better call to action rate to play the video.

#16. Create a dedicated YouTube channel for your app

Create a YouTube channel for your app. After that, optimize the titles and descriptions of the videos with keywords related to your app. This tactic will help you get some extra bonus downloads via your YouTube videos. If you have a good humor and can create funny videos then there are chances they can go viral and become a good promotion for your app.

#17. Request blogger to write your app’s review

Getting reviews written by Bloggers and published on their sites can prove to be a beneficial strategy. While requesting your app’s review from established bloggers, don’t forget to send the video that you have made for your app. The video will make it easy for them to write a good review by understanding more about your app.

#18. Put your app’s YouTube video in your email signature

Gmail has a very great feature, the YouTube video link automatically gets converted to your video’s thumbnail, which gets more views for the video than a traditional bare link. This can help you get more views on your video.

#19. Run ad campaigns

Video ads bear good chances to convert better. Run ad campaigns effectively on Facebook and other ad networks.

#20. is a great platform is a great platform

Share the video of your app on The more visibility your app can get, the better it is overall.

#21. Share your app on various sites

Don’t take social sharing lightly. You should never underestimate the power of social media. You won’t even know when your app went viral on social media. It doesn’t even take that much effort enough to give you a headache. There are many sites on the internet which allow you to share your app. There are many social media mobile apps like Facebook. Google Play store gives weightage to your app in the search results if the number of inbound links to it is impressive.

#22. Convert your users to advocates

Reach out to your responsive users. Ask for their opinion about your app and advice for improvements by sending an email. Ask them what you should do to improve the app. If their opinion is legit and makes sense then bring changes to your app according to them. This will gain the trust of those users and who knows if they probably end up sharing your app with their friends and family. So, it’s kind of a win-win situation for you.

#23. Publicize your app as much as possible

Do some research on Google and make a list of top 500 bloggers working in the same domain as yours and reach out to them. You can also use Twitter to find them. Request them to write about your app. At some point, you will find that most of the bloggers have denied to write about your app. Don’t lose hope if it happens with you. Here are some tips which will elevate your chances to get reviewed by a blogger:

Create an impressive press kit for your application and send it with your review request email. It should include the following things:

  • Icon of your app
  • Screenshots of your app
  • Preview Video of your app
  • All the press releases regarding your app
  • Links to your social media accounts

Here is a list of essential tactics you should use while reaching out a to blogger:

  • Tell an interesting story about your app
  • Do some research and reference the blogger’s previous articles on similar topic.
  • Stay Concise
  • Show humility
  • Give them exclusive assets like beta invites and your app’s video to make it easier for them to review your product.

#24. Consider applying Brian Dean’s technique to get your app reviewed

Brian Dean posted this great technique a few days before on how to get influential bloggers to promote your content. He calls this technique “The content roadshow”. It goes this way, look for the bloggers who might have reviewed other apps similar to yours. Contact them using their contact page or by any other possible means. Tell them about your application and how it is better than any other app they have previously reviewed. Then convince them to review your app too. Always keep a polite tone. If they agree to do it then send them all the required info to make their job as easy as possible, as we have already mentioned the same thing in the above tips.

#25. Reach out to bloggers in other languages if your app supports localization

It’s kind of hard to get reviewed by famed bloggers in USA as they get lots of similar types of requests. Don’t be disappointed, there is another way. Reach out to bloggers from some other language that your app supports. There are great chances that these foreign language bloggers and journalists will review your app.

#26. Figure out and focus on the one unique feature that makes your app stand out of the crowd

While writing the app marketing material for your blog you need to make sure that you highlight and focus on that one feature of your app that makes it different and unique than any other app from the competition. After figuring it out, write a powerful and influential piece of content related to that one focus keyword to market your app.

#27. Apply for awards

There are many websites that give awards to different kind of websites according to their concept and what makes them stand on the top of the list related to their category. Apply for some of those awards in your app’s category. It is totally worth it if you give it a try. If you lose, then you don’t lose anything anyway. But if you win you’ll get lots of free publicity and mentions. And it will surely drive the downloads count further. Simply Google “Mobile App Awards” to find the relevant ones.

#28. Contests go viral easily, so run one

If implemented properly, contests are a good way to promote your app. You have to come up with something unique or something that users show their interest in. For inspiration, here are some ideas you can apply in your contest campaigns like “Tweet to Win” or “Pin to Win”. In return, you can offer them the paid or premium version of your app for free. Alternatively, you can give them special promo codes to unlock In-App Purchases (if any) for free.

#29. Create groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

Create relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn according to your app’s category and nature. You can also join existing groups on these social networks created by others which are relevant to your app. Share your app’s store link there with some information and benefits of downloading your app. It should be done in a very professional manner which doesn’t look spammy to other members of the group. Also, you can request group’s administrator to feature or highlight your app if he/she liked it by pinning it on the top of the group’s news feed for others to notice.

#30. Reach out to admins of related Facebook pages

Look for Facebook pages which have more than 100K likes and are related to your app’s category. Reach out to their admins by contacting them and convince them by giving a compelling reason to share your app with their fan base.

#31. Optimize your email signature

Always be promoting i.e. promote whenever possible, but do it without spamming. Never let even one single opportunity to slip through your hands. Even one opportunity to put your application in front of the users can make a huge difference. Create an enticing one liner related to your app and add it to your email signature along with the download link of your app.

#32. Don’t miss any speaking opportunity

Never miss a single opportunity to highlight yourself and your app. Highlighting yourself establishes you as the authority and brand ambassador for your app. If you have excellence in anything related to your app then this could be the opportunity to bring it in front of the audience.

#33. Manually recruit customers

You have to put some pressure on your brain and come up with something which can make your app a ‘must-have’ stuff. Figure out something which can assure you that your app will get new installs for sure. For instance, here is the story of Tinder and how it got so many downloads in its initial days of launch.

Tinder threw various parties at different universities in USA. The clever thing they did there was to make Tinder app installation on phones a mandatory condition if you want to enter. This was a very clever strategy by Tinder’s co-founder Whitney Wolfe. After reading this, what will be your strategy ?

#34. Use other online platforms to scout for your initial users

Find other popular online platforms where you think you can find your ideal customers. Then find ways to drive them towards your app by letting them know what value it can bring if they download it.

Conclusion : Techniques to Get First 100,000 Downloads For Your App

So that’s it. We hope you liked this article. These are all the tips and tricks we found to increase the visibility of our apps and they really work. Do you think we have missed a few that you know and should be mentioned here? Please put them in the comments section below. We will add them to this article in a further update. If you want to stay updated always with such essential information which will help you to dominate your app on any App Store’s search engine, then please subscribe to our newsletter. Also, don’t forget to share this articles with your friends, family, and loved ones to keep them updated too. For any query, feel free to post a comment.

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